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This week, the guys trawl the dark depths of Facebook Marketplace in search of a cool car for £1000!
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laistab 1
laistab 1 3 napja
They will be some sorta dealer
Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja
Shoulda got the audi :(
I’m Sonny
I’m Sonny 5 napja
“Almost took my nose off”😂😂
my god i got so happy when he said 2.8l v6 i have one it would be nice to see one on car throttle 5:56
aka pinky
aka pinky 6 napja
When yall had 2 cars lined up THEN didnt show which one you decided I flipped off my phone for that one
Elliott Peters
"Let's go"! Says Vin Diesel as he slams the MR2 into "D" and creeps slowly away. "Shit if only I had bought an Audi".
Hristo H
Hristo H 7 napja
Congratulations you made the wrong choice! How you can not buy this classic jem,especially at that price level?
GamingSeeks 8 napja
I've just bought 2007 limited jeep commander 5.7 v8 hemi trail rated going to use it for winter
Michelle Brown
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Precious James
cool insight, I appreciate an opportunity to get such knowledge on how to make money, I look forward to trading in bitcoin and making it an alternative source of income.
Rodrigo Rodeo
Rodrigo Rodeo 8 napja
Do you know how much is good for a start?
Rodrigo Rodeo
Rodrigo Rodeo 8 napja
Adams Williams
I remember friends calling me crazy when I started but I now shut up them with my four figure weekly returned.
Adams Williams
all thanks to my aunty who introduced me to him.
Romsky Svet
Romsky Svet 9 napja
I would never buy this 💩 you should listen to yourself not Instagram....
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 9 napja
Should've Chose the audi
TOMMY Oconnor
TOMMY Oconnor 10 napja
I would to love to the car throttle lads race the DDE boys think that would be a great video
Eimaj 11 napja
SimpleMUFC09 11 napja
Love this videos please post more of them
Trevor Topcik
Trevor Topcik 12 napja
That celica in the US would be $10k
Scott Hancock
Scott Hancock 12 napja
If you had posted on insta that the MR2 was an automatic only a handful of people would have voted for it. On the plus side now I get to laugh when you investigate to see just how much of a dog you guys have bought. Someone bring me some popcorn
VNZLAPRO 12 napja
astra g turbo
Serge 13 napja
Oh good never seen an mr2 on carthrottle before
Reaper_ #91
Reaper_ #91 14 napja
8:27 If you're using Chrome hold Ctrl+LShift and press T to re-open last closed tab, keep pressing T to open more!
Pitt Motoring TV
Love the MR2, one car I've always wanted. I hate Facebook marketplace and had same as you guys, completely different price in the description to the actual ad.... WHY!! 😂
Cool Hand callum
Always love your videos keep up the good work lads
Soggy Salt
Soggy Salt 17 napja
MR2 is good but the Audi is legend
12:44 Had a good chin wank??
Abeed Miah
Abeed Miah 18 napja
What are some of the best cars under 4k, in uk?
General Beckenmörser
Honestly I am really glad you chose the MR2 as I really like the bodystyle and uniqueness compared to the audi. Hope to see it soon!
Nodwaa 19 napja
bad choice :(
Courtzi Davies
Courtzi Davies 19 napja
Buy the black and yellow 206! My uncle used to own it. I always wanted it but the timing didn’t line up 😭❤️
Alex Bell
Alex Bell 19 napja
I'd have gone for the 80 personally. The MR2 is too much of a shit box for my liking.
microwave 20 napja
I have the same coffee table. Nice choice. Love your vids
DJ Koala
DJ Koala 21 napja
Charkieee 21 napja
Should have bought the audi
Car Obsession
Car Obsession 22 napja
I've missed these kind of videos, always full of entertainment!
Jack 22 napja
Disgusting decision. Audi 80 much cooler
Mind Blown
Mind Blown 22 napja
I was a little bit excited until I saw this 13:32
Things 23 napja
I'm more interested in the MR2 as it seems to have more work to do on it and hope to see what you tackle and if you can then sell for a profit...!
Paul Meijer
Paul Meijer 23 napja
Apparently Facebook limits the price on cars you list
family man
family man 23 napja
What plebs voted the mr2 over the audi !
Road Rasher89
Road Rasher89 24 napja
Audi all day
Phan Tran
Phan Tran 25 napja
I was under the impression that you guys would each be buying one and putting them head to head against each other in challenges. Top gear style
Headles Hydra
Headles Hydra 25 napja
What happened to the mr2 MK3?
PAULYB3AST 25 napja
We voted for a cool car, not a shitbox...
Michael Schikschneit
I would've voted for the audi personally
John Dod
John Dod 26 napja
Everybody please name there daily driver money no issue Me.... rs6 avant nardo grey
dann756 26 napja
I lived in a dystopian street which had the coolest grass areas. There was a guy who had a red Audi 80, he maintained it and drove it every day for his own reasons. Between 2009-2019 he drove it, every day he would wash it, and his caravan. One morning he was riding his bicycle naked, in circles. He left the gas on while his wife was in bed. Not sure what happened to him but last Christmas, the Audi was still there. I think it was a 92. His house, car and caravan were in perfect condition.
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 26 napja
I wish these would turn up at my house to buy my car, be nice meeting you’s but honestly….. I think you’re the only ones who would purchase it 😂
Elis Nilsson
Elis Nilsson 26 napja
How can you think a Audi 80 is cool its a grannys car
Soggy Salt
Soggy Salt 17 napja
JDM fanboy can't even understand the Audi 80?
Leandro Lopes
Leandro Lopes 26 napja
K swap Mr2 soon
TheKazzerscout 26 napja
Real Top Gear challenge vibes from this
Slipstream Videos
Did the poll mention that the mr2 was an auto?
sync232 26 napja
Stop lowballing people.
Harira Normal
Harira Normal 26 napja
Imagine car throttle and Grand tour collab, damn sounds like a dream
Sultan MixHun
Sultan MixHun 26 napja
Its an automatic transmission 🤦
Dimitrije Djurdjevic
should’ve gone for the audi. meh. what a shame
Peter S
Peter S 26 napja
Did anyone else spot car throttle Stig loitering outside West Kebab?
shortermozzie 27 napja
i just love how most people find their dream cars in dealerships or something similar, whilst i find my dream cars on ebay and Facebook marketplace
David Buck
David Buck 27 napja
MR2 was really predictable, should have got the Audi!
ROAMZ 27 napja
You should buy my Golf MK5 1.9 tdi 😄
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 27 napja
Whats the difference between and pound and a quid?
SpilledKetchup 24 napja
they're the same
SonnyClitheroe 27 napja
Should of got the 80, that mr2 is a shit heap
Zain Z
Zain Z 27 napja
I was wondering what is Alex's job. I mean besides this obviously. He seems to know a lot of things to check on a used car. I mean mechanical as well as other usual stuff people do during long term use.
LukeTheJoker 27 napja
Anyone sane would have walked away after that test drive. Plus... Multipla? You wanted cool, and you didn't buy the Multipla?
superblade stee
superblade stee 27 napja
You guys need to do a topgear, all buy a cheap car and travel from Portsmouth to Scotland or something and see who gets there first without breaking down
Mike Cui
Mike Cui 28 napja
Next challenge should be finding and buying one of those Max Power cars within a certain budget
Negativvv 28 napja
The dog end of the car market is a hateful, frustrating place. Whilst haggling before one has seen the car is a little uncouth, after watching the viewing it was more than legit since that MR2 is a bit of a mess. Maybe the airbox could have been slapped on before the test drive but I doubt a few miles of no filtration does that much harm anyway. Interesting to see how it turns out and please don't spent a fortune on it and pass it off as a decent project, do it all shoestring like what someone who isn't doing it as a game would do!
ramaiz Hassan
ramaiz Hassan 28 napja
Honda civic ep2 k20a3 150bhp few hundred they go for
danbobnix 28 napja
Problem with Facebook marketplace is it won't let you advertise at a price if it (Facebook) deems it (the price)too expensive, in comparison to other similar cars based purely on make/models
Ryan Barratt
Ryan Barratt 28 napja
BIG B 28 napja
I respect Alex a lot more now I know we both have the same phone case 👍
964tractorboy 28 napja
This should have been a case where you take an internet poll, then conclude the internet doesn't know what it's talking about and get the Audi 80.
theo wainwright
theo wainwright 28 napja
audi cooler by far
Chad Warren
Chad Warren 28 napja
Should have got the 80
Zeke Taney
Zeke Taney 28 napja
She goes. Say no more! Nudge nudge wink wink.
Bren Steven's
Bren Steven's 28 napja
Bag of nails deffo should of gone with the Audi
Special Problem
Special Problem 28 napja
Hope u do an Audi special soon
Stoyan Stefanov
Stoyan Stefanov 28 napja
The Audi would have been so nice...Plus, the lady sounded so nice and genuine!
Generously buttered ALCO
MR2 is nice and all, but it's been done to death. The audi would have been perfect, and the owner, she seemed a a dear lady who was quite honest about the state of the car. It would have been a great classic German build.
Sg Hawk
Sg Hawk 28 napja
80 is the cooler choice
RoseOfHizaki 28 napja
Personally I see the Citroen C2 almost like kind of a Toyota Yaris or Honda Jazz. I could see that being a fun little car with a few mods
Bigdawgggg 28 napja
Should have got the audi lol
James Stevens
James Stevens 28 napja
The white audi 80 s reamed pimp. You missed out boyos
Trampish Paisey
Trampish Paisey 28 napja
You should do a wheeler dealer on the mr2 fix her up and sell her on series
bez750 28 napja
Do you guys get free food from West kebab? 😉
Konrad Swierk
Konrad Swierk 28 napja
everyday more tired of ethan man knows shit bout cars
Luc Dessange
Luc Dessange 28 napja
Let’s all be honest here the Audi is much cooler
playstationxyz 28 napja
Damn you 'grammers, I wanted to see the Audi 😭
YZ Rippin
YZ Rippin 28 napja
Shit thats a 6k$ usd mr2 in california
CorpsePenis 28 napja
People have to use preposterous prices on Marketplace because FB has certain values it thinks cars should be at... If you try listing outside of what they think it should be, it won't allow you - so you need to put in a bogus number and put the real price in the description. It's annoying, but FB is at fault (most of the time).
DFB58 29 napja
idk about you but i'd buy that 3rd Gen Camaro in a jiff, V6 or V8 i wanna turbo a V6 3rd Gen so bad
Fajrin Alfi Syahrin
idk mate if i were u guys i would visit both seller to see the car condition itself. feel bad for the audi lady tho.
P A 29 napja
I'm glad you picked the MR2 🔥
S J 29 napja
Facebook marketplace (stupidly) values your car, when advertising, so you cant always put a price you want. Which is why you'll have the £1234/random prices
djsherz 29 napja
You ARE allowed to just say "no thanks" after the test drive proves it to be a shed...
jack hardy
jack hardy 29 napja
Should of bought the audi not that bag of dog poo
None Of That
None Of That 29 napja
Bro the Audi would have been amazing
DjStiv3 29 napja
This is the exact problem.. number 2 problem with people. Why the fuck do you even call if you may not get it? And waste peoples time. And then you even OFFER A FUCKING AMOUNT... and then oh yeah well do a poll now and audience can decide which to buy. What in the holy fuck dude. Smh. People are retards. Ive stopped even going back and forth or answering with people like this. Either you have the cash and youre coming to look and make a deal or fuck off. Honestly
ryan_ryman 29 napja
yea i would of went for the audi....but hey you guys are the ones fixing it
Driver88 29 napja
Driver88 29 napja
I mean come on people
Driver88 29 napja
Omd lads, i will wait for the day you pick an audi
Daang_auto 29 napja
Mr 2
Neo Tavabi
Neo Tavabi 29 napja
I can’t believe you picked that over the Audi especially after that test drive! Baffled
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