Driving The Car That TikTok Built 

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This week, Alex meets Jack McNeill - the owner of the Nissan Micra made by his followers on TikTok!
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Edgar Cruz
Edgar Cruz 8 órája
How am I from Mexico but I instantly know this was not just a car, it was Boris.
Boris Vandeputte
Boris Vandeputte 9 órája
haha my name is Boris
Drisdan 10 órája
Well it definitely looks mean
Alvar Krogius
Alvar Krogius 20 órája
the gtr logo on the back : ) : )
عبدو عبدو
نيسان ميكره
Gavin Locke
Gavin Locke 3 napja
I’ve seen that car on the street
No U
No U 3 napja
Opinion: I hate micras and This car is gay
Y.G. Paus
Y.G. Paus 3 napja
Love joke builds like this man. Boris rocks. Missing the russian hard bass
Trag Proslosti
You can't hear the sound of the car as much as you're talking
YellaFella 5 napja
Passed this on the A1m today. Certainly catches the eye 😂😂😂
Srdjan Stanisic
Add a masive drag inspired hood scoop
wafliukas 5 napja
you should change the headlights to angel lights because these look like crap
DXLVE 5 napja
why that music doe? xD
Isaac Tibbitts
its the massive boris sticker for me just makes the car look so sick
Daire McKerr
Daire McKerr 6 napja
Mr.wolfi 7 napja
Jacks job bro
Ianbear64 7 napja
I think a wide body kit, spaced out wheels, and slamming it would look pretty sick. And since it’s a shit box and won’t last long anyways throw in 45° negative camber
Ianbear64 7 napja
4:15 not a super bad price considering that spoiler would probably go around $900 the JBL with amplifier would be $700-$900 and decalings can be pricy depending on who you go too for them
FRA99ER 8 napja
danes be like brois lauersen er gay
random guy idk
This takes rice to another level
Lamet 133
Lamet 133 8 napja
i was the 31 600 like
Noah Jonas
Noah Jonas 9 napja
girl: hi i wanna work at car throttle! Alex: 2:21
Anna-Maria Ilieva
Orange colour
Barnie's Child
Barnie's Child 10 napja
Bence Kerepeczki
*Ricer* No_shit_sherlock
kevin Gorman
kevin Gorman 10 napja
Weld diff and fit hydro handbrake
Industrial fn
Industrial fn 10 napja
polski 11 napja
Of course it is has the broken boy color scheme
Nova M3RCY
Nova M3RCY 12 napja
2:42 nice choice of words 😂
maks steen
maks steen 12 napja
front and rear difuser bigass tripple stacked fast en furious wang fakeblower/ hoodscoop all screwed o to it using woodscrews and dont forget the towstrap hanging in the front (full racecar)
George Chapman
George Chapman 12 napja
Make it silver
Helen Abraham
Helen Abraham 12 napja
I like it
Franz Strahner
Franz Strahner 14 napja
Ilhan Ghazi
Ilhan Ghazi 14 napja
boris is soon getting a turbo sheesh
Jakey 15 napja
my opnion about it is the same as my opninion about tiktok, its cancer
PewDieProo 15 napja
I tought the wing on the thumbnail was a clickbait arrow
FrossTyy 16 napja
now ls swap it with twin turbo
VjSucksAtStuff. 20 napja
Micra Nismo Turismo 🥶
Jakub Lason
Jakub Lason 22 napja
Sounds like a civic
Stephen Allcock
Stephen Allcock 23 napja
Dirty big chrome front grill
ADHD Outdoors
ADHD Outdoors 24 napja
Gotta be a train horn right ?
Johan Dandenell
Johan Dandenell 24 napja
you need under glow
Ewan Booper
Ewan Booper 26 napja
This car needs to have ridiculously wide bolt on plastic arches, with the spacers to match
AM 26 napja
get life.
ACarFanatic _
ACarFanatic _ 27 napja
this is exactly what I imagined
Chmurion 27 napja
8:16 Shit box you say? You hurt ma' feelings. 😢
m k
m k 27 napja
EW tiktok disgusting, low effort go away
Camoh 29 napja
FeDrO Ufficiale
FeDrO Ufficiale 29 napja
Only needs angel eyes front lights
FeDrO Ufficiale
FeDrO Ufficiale 29 napja
And pink leds
christopher xuereb
That BMW needs a Rolls Royce badge on the bonnet 😂
Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire Hónapja
I hate you for saying a micra is a shit box
kian butland
kian butland Hónapja
It's mental that I still remember the first ever episode of the shitbox series 🤣🤣
Huh Hónapja
Our boy boris
Madcat 456
Madcat 456 Hónapja
Now Boris only needs some Waifu stickers to finish the look. 😂😂😂🤣
Mahfuz Chowdhury
😒🥵 Ugly car
Wiki Cackerman
Wiki Cackerman Hónapja
That is fucking rancid
Anna D
Anna D Hónapja
Ls swap
Magic & Mayhem
Magic & Mayhem Hónapja
...As long as you remembered to slow down for the speed cameras through Sonning Common!
Scott Cunningham
bilstein suspension please! Suspension is always a brilliant move.
MFS _ Basti
MFS _ Basti Hónapja
It’s Boris
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper Hónapja
Oi you calling that a shit box
Ellis Rourke
Ellis Rourke Hónapja
Has to been the hood scoop
Yodings Hónapja
Im 33 and im actually offended by this car, hell, this video must of popped up 10 times before i was bored enough to watch it...
Jan Reisser
Jan Reisser Hónapja
"Granny sh*tbox" be like 8:44...
uncreative name
uncreative name Hónapja
pink fluffy steering wheel
Zak W
Zak W Hónapja
A car that tiktok made? You wanna watch you don't catch cancer from it.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hónapja
Do a Hood exit Exhaust on the BMW 👍🏻🚗
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby Hónapja
I'm 83 years old and that did put a smile on my face
K Crichton
K Crichton Hónapja
I hate the orange idicators... rests is fine
Afaq Hónapja
haha I saw this car on TikTok and loved it and now we get a Car Throttle Vid on it!!!
panczenPL Hónapja
Turbo gay
DreamSchemeMUT Hónapja
I. K.
I. K. Hónapja
What a shame such a good car.
John Wooley
John Wooley Hónapja
I can tell its from tiktok
Shabib Rawi
Shabib Rawi Hónapja
put a lamborghini doors in it
Nick Moody
Nick Moody Hónapja
Mummythied Hónapja
Smoke stackes coming out of the boot
Vision Hónapja
hmm, ricer?
SouthWest Bristol MX
Great car😂😂😂 my cousin would love this lol
Root Canal
Root Canal Hónapja
black bmw wrap gold rims
Root Canal
Root Canal Hónapja
alex fists and matt sticks
Soo tiktok made a car for girls... lol
Roel de Boer
Roel de Boer Hónapja
The new Top Gear
Mrrob21698 Hónapja
In Germany this whole thing would be absolutely forbidden 😂😂 love it!!!
Boltie Hónapja
Weight Reduction. Remove the rear seats. Let's make a better car than Tik Tok!!
Chan Xavier
Chan Xavier Hónapja
Ohhh that man drives a Toyota alphard, a man of culture!
Hang Leung
Hang Leung Hónapja
Fuck TikTok
Tomato_Boi Hónapja
Virgin Tiktok Nissan Micra vs Chad Theo Corsa VXR
Sir Spaz
Sir Spaz Hónapja
im not supprised tiktok built it
Drive With Andy
Drive With Andy Hónapja
On the new BMW car, change the BMW badges to Ford badges
Kaasschaaf Hónapja
Nice coincidence that the band called Boris has an album named Pink lol
CLW 14
CLW 14 Hónapja
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Hónapja
Purple LED lights under the car
Steve P
Steve P Hónapja
Looks like sonning common & Henley ?
The BMW certainly needs eyelashes and duck face lips on the grill. Also with the purple wrap, golden wheels are a must.
Everything about this is cringe. But not in the "so bad it's funny" way. tiktok was a mistake. Subscribing to this channel was a mistake.
Timmy The Seal
Timmy The Seal Hónapja
Just saw this car in Farnborough, lmao
Cordz Stop motion
imagine if NFS added Boris in the Games
Meris Kajić
Meris Kajić Hónapja
Do lambo doors mod on the bmw
Hucking Bikes
Hucking Bikes Hónapja
I now need to build me a shitbox to lol thanks guys 😂😂 your bmw needs two fat side pipes one each side lol
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