Public Transport Vs 500hp BMW M4 Competition 

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For your chance to win a BMW M4 Competition Coupe plus $20,000, and to support a great cause, enter here: omaze.com/carthrottle .

In this week's special video, we find out what's the fastest way to get to the most northerly point in England. Public transport or a BMW M4 Competition?
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Anna Nestor
Anna Nestor 3 napja
The disturbed romania supply raise because hacksaw acutely relax beneath a spooky herring. average, bright burma
tom201 6 napja
youtubers make better top gear than top gear
Jezza 7 napja
I would be tempted to take public transportation over the chance of being seen in the new M3/M4
Top gear
George Chapman
Love you alex
PSCavalier 95
PSCavalier 95 8 napja
I worked for BR,Intercity&ScotRail at Waverley from 1986.
PSCavalier 95
PSCavalier 95 8 napja
My OH&I travelled from Edinburgh Waverley to London King's Cross on the 1st HST 125 in the morning to see the London Motor Show then travelled back at night on the last HST 125 back to Edinburgh. Long before we had Class 91s&the Azuma.
Make it Nice
Make it Nice 9 napja
Could use a little narration during those bits where they play the music, reminiscent of a show that once never existed top gayer
retr0 gamer
retr0 gamer 11 napja
im from berwick lol
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 11 napja
That Northern accent makes me piss ahahahah
Ruari MacAllister
When things open up mid France v a 3 grand estate. Ferry v train
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 13 napja
The slimy wren clasically wrap because crime cumulatively clap against a average technician. ruddy, available cloudy
Harris 16 napja
10:23 jack's intense stare into the lens
DRSHANKER 18 napja
weird thing is the train probably cost more
Josh M-J
Josh M-J 19 napja
This is better than the steamy shit that is modern new Top Gear.
Alex Bell
Alex Bell 19 napja
As a Sheffielder, Alex's impression was almost spot on!
Gen K
Gen K 19 napja
props to the editing, got some serious top gear vibes
evo271 19 napja
Driving a 500hp car on a motorway is like kissing on the cheek only with a really hot girlfriend. There's alot of tension building.
evo271 19 napja
I'll take cars useless on the rain and twisty roads for 200, Alex!
dorjee Tshering Lama
Try this in India then drop a vedio here
neil neil orange peel
All the fuel stations on A1 and you pick Leeming Bar, it’s about a mile off the motorway.
ggj666 21 napja
21:25 driving a BMW, telling some one else to indicate, blimey that must be as rare as an Audi driver knowing where his indicator actually is.
N7DYM 21 napja
The scooters are not public transport if every1 had 1 m4 wud have easily won
Hamzah 22 napja
How realistic when you have to stop on many points for car pass by shots and also u have a camera car behind which is a skoda then whats the point of m4😂😂
Hüseyin Acun
Hüseyin Acun 23 napja
Whay is this? Real life Forza Horizon 4?
eggyboy97 24 napja
Can I enter this competition if I’m from the like will I have the car and £20000 or is USA only?
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 24 napja
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Obi Wan
Obi Wan 24 napja
It’s too easy for the public transport, they need to handicap them more or make them take a less direct route
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 26 napja
I enjoy watching these types of videos hope to see more in the future
Joyce Perez
Joyce Perez 26 napja
I think there are many aspects to consider when buying a used car. If it is not done he must suffer
Leanne Pagano
Leanne Pagano 26 napja
@Suzanne Duncan Cool, will check it
Suzanne Duncan
Suzanne Duncan 26 napja
When I got my first car I used confidentcarbuyer course given to me by my dad, so was lucky. There are many videos out there though, but this was just compact and free too
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 27 napja
Do NOT copy Top Gear. Thanks.
Outdoor Coops
Outdoor Coops 28 napja
Would have been better on a diesel without the fuel stop lol
Alex Huntesmith
Alex Huntesmith 28 napja
Really wondered why you didn't charge the scooters on the train, there were plug sockets right next to you LOL! Not that it mattered too much in the end I guess :3
The default
The default 28 napja
U should of did the race in Germany so u can full throttle on the autobahn
The BrickShooter
The problem is that almost anyone in an M4 looks like a twat just by driving it
Jason FUNG
Jason FUNG Hónapja
At least Alex knows his girlfriend is on his side :)
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Hónapja
The savory permission qualitatively battle because language synthetically whirl outside a thoughtful doctor. abashed, dizzy open
Uditha N
Uditha N Hónapja
houdini 6363
houdini 6363 Hónapja
Aren't the electric scooters illegal
Alexis Hónapja
Actually, the real question is... Which car was the film car?? It kept the same speed as the M4 and probably didn't need to stop for fuel... So it would have won easily... 😜
Daniel Dryden
Daniel Dryden Hónapja
10:53 is that a Camaro on his left???
Unknown Man
Unknown Man Hónapja
How stupid are these not to make use of the scooters???? Running like fools
Matthew Dev
Matthew Dev Hónapja
Those electric scooters aren't allowed on public roads 😅 and you can't ride them on the paths either.
Grapefruiter 146
this gives me mad top gear vibes probably because they did a video like this
Solared618 Hónapja
ah, the BMW that goes *sniiiiiiiifffff*
Eduards Sviķis
Eduards Sviķis Hónapja
2:28 Is this the new top gear? Xd
Arthur Rees
Arthur Rees Hónapja
The new top gear
Binkleyme Hónapja
I'd rather be seen on public transportation than one of those ugly ass cars
BeardyStuff Hónapja
This should have been a win for Alex as Jack and Ethans scooters are not legal for use on public roads or property.
sam Hónapja
Is Alex getting even smaller or is my eyes playing up again
MJK Hónapja
Video Idea: Public Transport Vs BMW M1
Car Obsession
Car Obsession Hónapja
Proof that you don't need a short HUtown video to hold interest!
Bootleg Slenderman
This is like top gear
Og Hamster
Og Hamster Hónapja
U Need to do this in Germany, the Car would easily win
Juan P Delgado
Juan P Delgado Hónapja
This is great love it!
Dannykingg Hónapja
Ethan is soo fricking annoying Edit: can u keep him behind the camera, thanks.
A_22_Naveed Kadechur
Reminds me of old TopGear
Channel Slow Motion
As entertaining as these are, there is no purpose to Alex being in a 500bhp M4. Unless he’s breaking the law he’d get the same result in a 1999 Toyota Corolla
Upendra Badkur
Upendra Badkur Hónapja
This man is loser
Matty England
Matty England Hónapja
97 octane in an M4 🤔 Think you should have found some v-power
Matty England
Matty England Hónapja
How are you meant to turn your brain on when you have a nappy covering your airways? 😂 Take your Muzzles off
wayne-t-347 Hónapja
Is that the music from Reno911? love it ha
ahmed hady
ahmed hady Hónapja
If Alex was driving in a no limit speed way he would have been the winner
Lee Avison
Lee Avison Hónapja
Well done Boys
Lance Craig
Lance Craig Hónapja
I love these challenges. Keep it up!
Jensen Diecast
Jensen Diecast Hónapja
What are those 2 red buttons on top of the horn on the wheel?
420 hillage
420 hillage Hónapja
He lost on purpose so he could take his top off 🤣🤣🤣
Gerald Vency
Gerald Vency Hónapja
I won't saying that Public Transport is better, because you see how much effort they put to get on a train, running down the street. But yeah, this is really entertaining.
Adyan Playz
Adyan Playz Hónapja
Copied top gear
BlackieGaming Hónapja
Public Transport is faster than a Car? *laughs in german autobahn*
jay 2019
jay 2019 Hónapja
Standard Class?
what's wrong
what's wrong Hónapja
They actually said the most northern part of england not Scotland so wouldn't he have won not lost
Ben Gillam
Ben Gillam Hónapja
Feel for you Ethan and jack, hard enough climbing stairs full stop with mask on let alone running think that would have killed me lol
Steve McRichards
What if it was done at night? Clearly personal transports wins by a mile.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Hónapja
doubt it would win at night because the roads would be clear, the car would just sail through.
DSN 1 Hónapja
You got beat by two dorks on scooters 😂
Arazand Hónapja
The ugliest car ever conceived... and we live in a timeline where the Mitsuoka Orochi exist in...
aWoL Nation
aWoL Nation Hónapja
Granted, public transport in the uk is great. But public transport for most of the U.S is kinda shit. The best public transport I’ve used when in the us was in Washington DC.
Aaron Hónapja
19:05 they must be pretty close to be within unlicensed radio Comms :')
Ghais Ali
Ghais Ali Hónapja
21:33 - finally we have seen a legit sirious face of Alex🤣🤣
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Hónapja
I'd rather take the train that drive such an ugly car
Patrick Fred
Patrick Fred Hónapja
Mrs Cathie wood trading services are legit her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Lincoln Jack
Lincoln Jack Hónapja
when you invest you're buying a day you don't have to work
Okunini Raymond
Okunini Raymond Hónapja
I have been able to gather enough funds to buy Bitcoin i can't wait to finally kick off
Okunini Raymond
Okunini Raymond Hónapja
All nice recommendations
Shower Robert
Shower Robert Hónapja
Tell her I referred you please
Shower Robert
Shower Robert Hónapja
+ 1 7 0 7 6 5 9 6 4 9 2
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers Hónapja
Omaze is unavailable in my region which is the Caribbean
Theo Knows Cars
Theo Knows Cars Hónapja
this looks like top gear
User 1
User 1 Hónapja
Top gear remember Jeremy Clarkson in a Nissan gtr in China VS Jeremy and Hammond going on public transport exactly like this but in the uk
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania Hónapja
Smithy's garage
Smithy's garage Hónapja
Love watch your show guys. It has given me a kick up the backside to start my channel. Keep up the good work guys 👍
Smithy's garage
Smithy's garage Hónapja
@Young Car Wiz cheers car wiz ill keep the. Videos up. Ive got plenty of cars of my own to start with so we are good for a year 😂
Young Car Wiz
Young Car Wiz Hónapja
i subbed to you 😁
Cookie Hónapja
Sheffield does steel. Don't know about anywhere else in the north still doing steel. I assume it's a dying trade.
Cookie Hónapja
Liner trains are most of the time delayed and late to arrive at stations. I speak from experience. Train travel in Britain is the worst your best just getting a form of private transportation.
Thomas Velluet - Draper
3:08 @Car Throttle please, please, please do a video on London rules! It will help those us who move there massively.
Zarlandris Hónapja
Should not have stopped for gas
Zarlandris Hónapja
The entire car is ruined by that enormous grill
Nick Wil
Nick Wil Hónapja
God u boys should try and get the old top gear boys on
Ryan Lim
Ryan Lim Hónapja
Tbh it's not rly fair at the end bcs Alex had to run whereas ethan and Jack had scooters, if only he could drive the m4 down there ahahha
Szabolcs Nagy
Szabolcs Nagy Hónapja
That sheffield accent got me rollin. :D you southern bastard LOL
1985Exorcist666 Hónapja
I really wish I could watch this video but for me as a BMW fanboy from the 80s on the front grill of this cars is so ugly I cant stand this. Actually if I see one of the new BMW from the front I want to burn my eyes. In 10 Years these generation of BMW cars is more hated than the BMW E65 and this was an ugly car from a company that had build really nice cars that aged well at the past. Look at the E38. Seems like they want their last petrol cars to be ugly so their future electric cars can be pretty again. I mean the I8 looked good.
jimbob2bob Hónapja
Nothing worse than racing to catch a train.
Nova Hónapja
Shoulda stopped off in Sheff for a cuppa! Ye southern bastard😂
LiftFan Hónapja
People may knock our public transport but it's not half as bad as our roads! Speed cameras galore and slow drivers everywhere
ben metcalf
ben metcalf Hónapja
North of Newcastle the motorway just sort of stops, and doesn't return untill Edinburgh.
Bianca Nurton
Bianca Nurton Hónapja
Next time it should be Geoff Marshall in public transit vs Ethan in a car.
Bianca Nurton
Bianca Nurton Hónapja
Or Alex in public transit and Geoff in a performance car.
Joe Goodman
Joe Goodman Hónapja
Top Gear hasn’t got nothing on you Surrey boys! Keep making them, we’ll keep watching them. 👍🏻
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