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This week, PC S responds to some of your police questions, we discuss whether you should import a car and Jack hosts 'Guess The Price Of The Car'.
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Tom 13 napja
Alex sending for the Hayes Massive
Dave Hónapja
Ethan, regarding his undertaking when he was leaving the motorway and said he was wrong but🤔 hutown.info/base/vide/rIN-2IZ-k36bY9U.html
Daraygun Hónapja
Garreth spends more on petrol for his i-Pace than his M4
James Thornton
James Thornton Hónapja
Please get guy Martin or the ilb drivers club boys on!
Geoff McQuade
Geoff McQuade Hónapja
What tools and bits are essential to working on ur own car
Daniel Wotherspoon
In regards to the undertaking question, what if they did not physically move into lane one to undertake but were already in lane one when they approached said car in lane 2 as I feel we shouldn’t have to move over into lane 3 in this situation to pass one car and then pull back across
Andrew Last
Andrew Last Hónapja
Motorway driving should be part of the driving test.
Andrew Last
Andrew Last Hónapja
We took Grandad's car keys off him as he needed to stop driving. He didn't like it at first. He would still mention it every now and then as he (and Gran) were very independent.
Lucas Skull
Lucas Skull Hónapja
Agree with Alex, R34 are so BORING
Andrew Last
Andrew Last Hónapja
That's probably why so many get modified
minorearthmajorsky 2 hónapja
Live podcast?
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
What happened to the podcast? 2 weeks, and still nothing. :(
timo qvantti
timo qvantti 2 hónapja
Many of your links in the description box don't work
Big_willy_69 2 hónapja
Where are the Poddy Cs
BON75Y 2 hónapja
Don't know how ethan sees that on tik tok, my fypage is just cats and young girls dancing in leggings😊
I'm a chicken LOL
I'm a chicken LOL 2 hónapja
49:53 you do now
Scott 2 hónapja
Ethan missed half the question 😂 it's if every old part of phil over years was restored and put into a garage once the phil you were driving has every new part is the car you've been driving phil or is the restored one in the garage phil?
Illuminate Wales
Illuminate Wales 2 hónapja
Can rate the Fabia VRS. Got one as a second car for cheap enough
Michael Jasper
Michael Jasper 2 hónapja
Window tint is a necessity where I live in the USA. It gets HOT AF in the summer and window tint is a life saver, especially if you have a black interior.
Jacob Howell
Jacob Howell 2 hónapja
You guys ok? No upload this week?
Sam Court
Sam Court 2 hónapja
Can’t believe it took so long for the M4 to be in the guess the price game. 😂
jimmy McCain
jimmy McCain 2 hónapja
When you going to start doing decent videos again ? There is no hope in hell you'd ever got 3m subscribers if you did pish like this from the start
Tim'sYoutube 2 hónapja
Question for the police. Do you feel like a c*nt saying things like "looks like you're hiding something." Next they'll be telling you, you can't shut your curtains cos they need to be able to have a look in your house. Power mad wa*kers.
Mr Devilman
Mr Devilman 2 hónapja
The thing with "not being taught to use motorways" gets me, we're taught to use a dual carriageway and there are no driving differences (other than turning right on a dual) between them and the speed is the same (theoretically).
MoistGoat 2 hónapja
Yeah pretty much, just more lanes. Had no issue myself with either.
MrCornelius93 2 hónapja
Can we have 'Kiss the rabbits, kiss the trees" on some kind of electric car themed t-shirt?
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Please, at least tell us if there is going to be or not going to be a podcast this week. :(
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
@Dave Morgan In one of the podcasts when they talked about a dedicated podcast channel, they said something about being every friday. So maybe tomorrow, or next monday. :I
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan 2 hónapja
I came to ask same question
Dean Close
Dean Close 2 hónapja
@carthrottle. Jack missed another opportunity to roast Gareths m4. He could easily have said at the end of the podcast for his joke something about the price of his m4 just to double down
Sam Garrod
Sam Garrod 2 hónapja
Great stuff. 👌 😂
BEAVIS Motorsport
BEAVIS Motorsport 2 hónapja
~1000 pound for an MX-5 is so good, in Australia there's nothing under $10,000
Ike Buttle
Ike Buttle 2 hónapja
CAT S means nothing btw, my 330D was declared CAT S for bumper, bonnet and bolt on crash bar
Ike Buttle
Ike Buttle 2 hónapja
@Do One Cat S is is completely legal to repair? Never had any issues at at, unbolted the broken parts, bolted on the new ones, like the same car again
Hamish McGown
Hamish McGown 2 hónapja
Would love to see Edwin on as a guest in a future podcast. Always enjoyed the quick clips on social media from him and the rest of the team ✌🏻
yeahitskimmel 2 hónapja
You go about the old drivers like Japan with a special license plate ppl can see to avoid
L 2 hónapja
gareth stop spitting your nails on the carpet 🤢🤮 no manners!!! 30:30 ish
L 2 hónapja
@Clay Davis he clearly does at 30:30
Clay Davis
Clay Davis 2 hónapja
He doesn’t do that
Ashley 2 hónapja
Can't believe Jack didn't have a joke. It finishes the podcast off nicely come on Jack!
Smanic86 2 hónapja
I don't know why but I have found it even more entertaining to see the shade of Ethan's face go ever redder as time goes on
U-2020 2 hónapja
Why have you put those excessively huge microphones between your face and the camera! Anything between you and the camera blocks the view. You don't need these silly microphones as they are a huge empty case with tiny mic element inside, you can use a clip-on mic or a small PZM type on the table which is almost flat. They will pick up exactly the same audio quality. People push these idiotic products on to people on youtube as they are easy targets, once you get one person using a product, everyone else will buy one thinking they need to. The same happens with cameras and computers, software etc. A similar thing happens with filming and editing styles. We used to see the hand smacking the lens, sounds attached to every event, focusing 1m left or right of the subject and then sharply moving the camera etd - all rubbish effects copied by everyone else. Some are done as a joke to study who is most easily influenced as it shows who is not creating original content. There are companies whose business is scamming youtubers, high pressure sales people target them. One teenager was targeted this way and ended up blowing nearly all his money on a Llamborghini as he was convinced it would go with his image etc. Some are even owned by the company to get the money back off them!
mr bacon
mr bacon 2 hónapja
Just buy a xarah picasso you can crash then and not care
Mohammed ALQattan
Mohammed ALQattan 2 hónapja
Jack can be really a party pooper...damn.
RichieST 2 hónapja
I swear alex singing the unpopular opinion song, get's better every week!
Carl Cassidy
Carl Cassidy 2 hónapja
Same here in Mcr; soooo many rude bois with their 4d gel plates and blacked out windows
Ash Preddy
Ash Preddy 2 hónapja
I am a driving instructor, FYI learners can go on the motorway now with an instructor
Richard Moore
Richard Moore 2 hónapja
Fj Fj
Fj Fj 2 hónapja
The jingles are so cringe and pathetic
ZG002 2 hónapja
Blame the Americans for the mental Skyline prices, the R33's can now be legally imported and early R34's in the next couple of years, their fame status mean importer have started to hold cars ready for the American Market and prices have gone stupid! Even a R33 GTR (which is the one typically regarded as the least desirable) are stupid money now. Shame as I grew up with them as my poster car and when at a stage in life where I could actually afford one they sky rocket in price and are miles out of budget. Should of just taken the jump 5 yrs ago but never mind.
Robda 2 hónapja
And as for the paradox what about an early land rover they don't have shell's and its fairly common to swap the chassis out
Robda 2 hónapja
Mopeds have their uses especially if you happen to be working on the breaks constantly 😉 and happen to need to remove the pads and keep them indoors got my first moped back after it got nicked didn't make it far the 2nd time
josh smilie
josh smilie 2 hónapja
The funny thing with the “add your parents to the insurance and the price will drop” isnt always correct. I added my mum to my car, made it more expensive in my first year so did it alone. Looking now and I see it’s still more expensive with her on it. Cheaper on my own with no black box than it was with her on it with a black box
MoistGoat 2 hónapja
@josh smilie Yeah it's really a trial and error thing. Same with what job you do can change it, which experimenting with helps being there's usually more than one that applies to your job. Car insurance is a weird thing.
josh smilie
josh smilie 2 hónapja
@MoistGoat I mean still not always the case. My comment was meant to say not always correct, so edited. I tried my grandfather on my first year as he is a bus driver and still stayed up so went on my own, and now I’m a Class 2 HGV driver my insurance is still cheapest on my own without anybody else on my policy. Usually more the case if said young driver is still a student or unemployed I’ve found
MoistGoat 2 hónapja
Depends on who you add. My dad drove HGV's and it reduced mine quite a bit. Though it's always worth checking each time you renew because there's a point that it's actually cheaper to be insured alone.
Cathal Redmond
Cathal Redmond 2 hónapja
Wtf jack no joke
Zafer 2 hónapja
cpo sky
cpo sky 2 hónapja
Should buy alex disco mic etc
Jesse BOL EI
Jesse BOL EI 2 hónapja
Where did roast my ride go?
turfaD 2 hónapja
Having a blow off valve can help ur turbski to live abit longer :P
CactusLife 2 hónapja
so boring, just clip the parts relevent to the title and upload as a seperate video
Alex Ras-Challis
Alex Ras-Challis 2 hónapja
Please do a show structured like old top gear
Ollie B
Ollie B 2 hónapja
Our old landlord just called everybody Arthur.. 🤔
Ricer84 D
Ricer84 D 2 hónapja
Volkswagen group cars are crap. Total crap.
Kosmo Nautik
Kosmo Nautik 2 hónapja
I would suggest the best badge for that vw Up..."Yours" next to it would be meaningful
Ollie B
Ollie B 2 hónapja
You can book them in for a driving test, or even some lessons. Even if they fail the test it doesn't matter, they can't lose the licence but it might just be an interesting experience.
Goran Novakovic
Goran Novakovic 2 hónapja
that guy should get the mg zr 160
joey dunn
joey dunn 2 hónapja
At around 33mins did he say buying houses and kids??? 🤔
Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford
“Like starting a vinyl collection now” *looks over at my 200 vinyls 🙄
Tiaan Franken
Tiaan Franken 2 hónapja
Where does the "my wife" joke come from
Tiaan Franken
Tiaan Franken 2 hónapja
@Ollie B how did I miss that i saw it on Borat numerous times
Ollie B
Ollie B 2 hónapja
It's the way Borat says it. He's a character played by Sacha baron Cohen in movies and on telly a while ago.
Laurence Piccolo
Laurence Piccolo 2 hónapja
On number plates, love a sticker one on a classic race car, the black and silver number plate era
Edwin Nell
Edwin Nell 2 hónapja
its funny how you mentioned My name and Hays in the same video, I actually do support for Hays recruitment
Edwin Nell
Edwin Nell 2 hónapja
My Wife!
Daniel Lunn
Daniel Lunn 2 hónapja
Pull the guy hogging and give him 6 points
mch2ly 2 hónapja
If no members of the Sugar Babes are from the original Sugar Babes line up. Are they still the Sugar Babes?
MyRegardsToTheDodo 2 hónapja
I nearly got run over by an elderly driver once when I was crossing a green pedestrian light because he claimed that I wasn't visible enough. It was late evening, already dark and I was wearing a black leather jacket and light blue jeans. The area was fully lit (city area). He stopped centimeters away from me. Any professional (truck or taxi) driver over 50 has to get a test here, but normal driver's licenses don't require that. And yes, most people are either too proud to hand in their license or don't even realize that they should stop driving.
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick 2 hónapja
Also, my truck is a project and has been sitting in the driveway. After I got my Type R, I kinda stopped driving the truck due to its various strange issues. One day my dad needed to drive it and tried to start it, and it wouldn’t go. He tried to jump it and the battery cables disintegrated. We fought the truck for hours with me swearing up and down as soon as it started I was selling it, as it had two brand new batteries that were a month old and had already killed them. Truck started and my dad exclaimed that the interior lights worked. Which was strange. The door connection to the lights is disabled, and if never flipped the switch on. Turns out the door locks hadn’t engaged the last time I drove it, and in the month or so that I’d been driving the R, someone got into my truck and tossed it looking for stuff. It’s just full of broken bits of itself, and has a hidden kill switch. They had left my dome lights on and killed my batteries. I actually broke down and cried because I’ve had the truck for 7 years and it’s legitimately my favorite material thing I have, and these assholes messed it up so bad that I got angry enough to sell it. Like I’d actually worked out a deal with a friend who was going to come buy it. Told my friend the deal was off and still have the truck. Absolutely boils my blood to think of people breaking into my beloved first car and killing my batteries, causing more issues to arise with the truck.
David McClure
David McClure 2 hónapja
41:50 your welcome
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick 2 hónapja
I agree with Alex, I’m preparing to replace everything on my truck technically. It’ll be the same frame, transfer case, engine, and rear axle. The body, VIN, interior, front axle, automatic transmission, are all gonna be replaced. It’s still my truck.
Jyt 2 hónapja
I admit, there's times I could be mistaken for a middle/fast lane hogger. I know where the road splits, I know what lane I need to be in, and I know that it gets chaotic from people leaving it too late to get in the right lane, so I think ahead and get into the necessary lane about a mile back. There's multiple times when idiots have gone to undertake me, managed to pull alongside, and then had to brake and fall in behind me.
George Willoughby
George Willoughby 2 hónapja
I wish I was in the debate about ethans thought experiment, as I believe that the time period in which things are replaced is what causes the identity to change or remain the same. As the ship in his example had wood replaced this would have been over years and years meaning the replaced panels would have been worn to the point at which it becomes the original ship. On the other hand if we come to a car that is being built in a year and has all new panels new engine and the only original piece is part of the shell, this is where something has been lost it may be a part of the original car but its lost part of its soul.
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 2 hónapja
What about the news that all new cars in uk from 2022 will have speed limiters.
Nick Broaddus
Nick Broaddus 2 hónapja
Sinking the Vitara in a Cesspool is all fine and dandy but if somebody opens the door and goes through the glovebox it’s off to the scrap yard Lol.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 2 hónapja
Gareth - you *NEED* to use a straw when drinking that type of apple juice. It will erode the enamel on your teeth without using one.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 2 hónapja
And also - dilute it with water (approximately 50:50). Your health depends on making thoughtful decisions - Car Throttle (so often) does *not.*
stevenc1984 2 hónapja
A ex-colleague of mine had the conversation about giving up driving with his dad a few years back, it went... Son "I reckon you need to think about giving up driving" Dad "Yeah I think you're right" Son "Get us your keys then" His son sold his dad's car that afternoon!
gandalf the great
gandalf the great 2 hónapja
I bought my car 4 years ago and the front side windows came tinted the same as the back, I have been stopped for speeding a few times and they always just tell me I have a nice car😂.
James Lovell
James Lovell 2 hónapja
having worked in China I can confirm that the driving style leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure if it was due to the customer I was working for at the time but traffic meant nothing to any of the drivers, quite a few evenings I thought o we must be going a different route today back to the hotel when there was a que in the turning lane then the driver would just cut in at the front of the que. Nearly every day we saw a crash on the way to the factory and a personal highlight was being driven through the centre of a local market. The most commonly used phrase was "who's bravest goes first" and "the problem comes when both people are brave"
Asvin Sivanendran
Asvin Sivanendran 2 hónapja
@33:26 buying houses and what?
Mustachio's Motovlogs
42:20 When I checked, I was getting quoted 5k for that Yaris. I'm glad I went with an early 2000s volvo instead. 0-60 sub 9secs and it costs about the same to insure as a skoda fabia.
spyburn007 2 hónapja
Passing someone on the inside isn’t an illegal move. Overtaking is a manoeuvre, as is undertaking. If you pass someone on the inside then pulling into the middle lane that’s bad. Maintaining the speed limit, in any lane is fine.
Mexican Mechanic
Mexican Mechanic 2 hónapja
My waiiiif
CAR TEC MEDIA 2 hónapja
My wife hahahhaahhah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁 best part for me..
Driven by Drivers
Driven by Drivers 2 hónapja
If you guys can arange the cops comming onboard, I woud love to see you guys arrange a timed lap on a circuit to see if you can drive faster than a trained police officer
Driven by Drivers
Driven by Drivers 2 hónapja
@MoistGoat I agree with you on that, but that would not be what I would like to seen proven. I would like to see the difference a police trained driver would make compared to a bunch of HUtownrs when it comes to car control, if there's any difference.
MoistGoat 2 hónapja
Chasing a car is a lot easier than running majority of the time, so I don't think it would really show much
Thomas Attree
Thomas Attree 2 hónapja
The "my wife" skit is getting old.
Jay 2 hónapja
I undertake all the time, especially if the other two lanes are full of cars that should be in lane 1 and are sat in lane 3 doing 65 😡
Rian O Luasa
Rian O Luasa 2 hónapja
Mitchell J W
Mitchell J W 2 hónapja
Shout out to gareth not spilling his apple juice drinking from that type of carton lid
N Squareroot
N Squareroot 2 hónapja
love my Up! group 1 FTW!
Greg V
Greg V 2 hónapja
Sub £800 car? Mk1 Focus, duh? A Yaris is heinous.
Billy B
Billy B 2 hónapja
Undertaking - If you do not change lane to undertake (i.e stay in the slow lane and pass the car in the middle lane) you have not committed any offence , but if you move lane to undertake you are at risk of committing a offence as you had the option to move to the outside lane to overtake. Moving from the inside lane to the middle lane and then to the outside lane to overtake a car in the middle lane is classed as a higher risk than staying in the lane you in (inside lane)
WingCommander Falcon
My grandmother stopped driving 2 years ago because she felt she wasn’t safe on the roads anymore, really big decision but her driving isn’t nearly as bad as some of the other elderly drivers I see on the roads
MrManBuzz 2 hónapja
Unfortunately, not everyone has the same care and level of responsibility as your grandmother. Many elderly drivers are too thick to see they're a danger to themselves and others until they have an incident or near incident and realise then.
Jay 2 hónapja
I think they should re-test everyone at 50 and then every 10 years. Bare in mind, most 50's year olds have been driving since they've been 17. That's 33 years of deteriorating eyesight and reaction speeds.
ZoomEV 2 hónapja
Some Elderly people seem to have too much pride in their driving to give it up, my friends granny, averaged 35 in a 60, with minimal traffic, and sometimes forgets where she’s going in the car, safe to say they’ve taken her off the road
TSM 2 hónapja
It’s an eco saying, you wouldn’t understand
Crimbly Crimbo
Crimbly Crimbo 2 hónapja
£387 for a 30 year old female teacher insurance on an up? That's pretty damn expensive isn't it, is that normal for London?
joshua khan
joshua khan 2 hónapja
Man I love this podcast, I’ve been having a rough time lately with my grandma being diagnosed with cancer and all, and this podcast has helped me laugh and have a good time a bit when things are really and truly at an all time low. Thank you so much Alex, Ethan, Jack and my personal favourite Gareth (I love BMWs and 29k is the right price 😁) for carrying me through these difficult experiences. Keep on being the great, comedic bunch you are! Cheers guys!!! 🍻
TheMrbazooka 2 hónapja
Top Job Chaps 🤘
imaner76 Simulation Gaming
Topic for future podcast. How many BMW M4's have been sold in the period since somebody has been trying to sell one. Not a pisstake... Enquiring minds want to know.
Chris P
Chris P 2 hónapja
1:05.27 you can pin point the exact moment Alex realises Ethan has another "myyyy wiiiife" moment coming up 😂
Kryštof Jirásek
Kryštof Jirásek 2 hónapja
Are you kidding me Alex, you filmed an Enyaq IV review in my town in Czech Republic and I didn't know about that then :((((((
Funny Penalty Kicks #2
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